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Re: [rr] Fw: Palindromic number

Ian Ballantyne <ian@onlineloop.com> wrote:
>8:02 p.m. on February 20 this year will be a historic moment in time if
>you go by the Julian (European) calendar.
>It will not be marked by the chiming of any clocks or the ringing of
>bells, but at that precise time, on that specific date, something will
>happen which has not occurred for 1001 years and will never happen again.
>As the clock ticks over from 8:01 p.m. on Wednesday,February 20, time
>will, for sixty seconds only, read in perfect symmetry 2002, 2002, 2002,
>or to be more precise - 20:02, 20/02/2002. It's called a palindromic
>It is an event which has only ever happened once before, and is something
>which will never be repeated.
>The last occasion that time read in such a symmetrical pattern was long
>before the days of the digital watch and the 24 hour clock at 10:01 a.m.
>on January 10, 1001. And because the clock only goes up to 23:59, it is
>something that will never happen again.

To quote from a coworker:
What's about 21:12, 21/12/2112 ?

>Use it for something special!
>Something special huh?  We're geeks, we'll use it for a LUGA meeting!!!!!

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